Students from YES I CAN Camp 2020 at the Phoenix Theater


Welcome to Phoenix Rising Dance Studios “YES I CAN” Dance Camp! Your dancer is about to embark of the summer camp adventure of their lifetime! Whether enrolled in half-day or full-day camp, your child is in for a summer full of dance, music, storytelling and fun that they’ll never forget! Please read this page carefully, as it contains all the information you need for a successful camp experience!!


First things first, please head over to the page to make sure you have everything you need! Please note that Will is standing by to order any and all dancewear your dancer is required to have. If you’d rather not wait for an order to come in, we recommend Kinney Dancewear at 126th and Hazel Dell Road.

We cannot express enough that every dancer in the studio MUST have their own sealed water bottle in the studio on every class day. Until Covid-19 restrictions are FULLY lifted, we are unable to allow dancers to use the water fountain in the lobby for anything other than to fill their water bottles.

Full day dancers are also expected to bring their own lunch. The studio will provide snacks for ALL students on a daily basis, but it’s very important every full-day student have a well balanced lunch! We have a refrigerator on site to keep lunches fresh, so make sure your dancer’s lunch is in a clearly labeled lunchbox, bag, or other container. On Fridays of each week, the Phoenix Rising Performance Team Booster Club will be providing special treats for a small fee to benefit the performance team. More details to come!

Please provide us with any of your student’s allergies or dietary restrictions.

Mr. Justin welcomes EVERYONE to Phoenix Rising


Of course, on the first day of camp, we’ll get everyone checked in and put on nametags so we can all get to know each other. Before we begin any classes, we’ll all participate in some activities to learn something unique about each dancer in our friendly camp community. Parents of dancers 3-5 years old will be asked to take 5-10 minutes to fill out our Early Childhood Milestones Tracking Document so that our Artistic Director can better understand your child’s development.

We have an AMAZING first week of classes scheduled for our dancers! Our half day camp (9:00AM – 12:00PM) features three classes based on popular children’s books to inspire the imagination, focus the mind, and encourage movement. The day will start with Yoga Pretzel exercises to get everyone warmed up and flexible. Next is Ballet in the Bayou, in which dancers playfully explore the many steps of ballet through beautiful images of animals dancing in this book straight out of New Orleans. Finally, to close the morning, we present Jammin’ Jabari! These social-emotional lessons infuse Hip Hop dance and literature inspired by the book Jabari Jumps. We’ll explore our emotions, develop the courage to take leaps and make a big splash in this exciting and upbeat class that will give your toddler the courage to take their next big leap! You can be sure they’ll be talking about their mornings all day long!!

Here’s what you can expect from the full day camp. (9:00AM – 4:00PM). For our 6-10 year old dancers, the day is absolutely FULL of dance. We will be offering yoga, jazz, ballet, musical theater, improvisational dance and hip hop. But it’s not all technique! Our expert instructors will combine technical dance with classes on video recording, commercial dance, acting for dancers, and a special TIK TOK dance class! Parents can pick up the hourly schedule at the front desk on any day of camp. Lunch breaks will be between 12:30 and 1:30 daily.


Our default payment plan for camp is for the system to charge 1/3 of the total camp tuition each Monday during camp. If you’d like to make a different arrangement, please contact Will at (317) 537-2680. If your dancer needs dancewear, your account will be charged at the time the order is taken.


We have put together a stellar staff of dance instructors from all dance disciplines. Every instructor at Phoenix Rising offers their own perspectives and experiences from the world of dance, and we’re honored to have each of them with us this summer!

Please click this link to get to know our instructors and see the level of experience that makes Phoenix Rising Dance Studios the TOP RATED dance studio in Indianapolis!


Our studio culture is another reason Phoenix Rising Dance Studio is always proud to “Rise Above the Rest.”

Phoenix Rising Dance Studios is a dance education center that changes the world by taking action within the local community and abroad, and by dancing into our limitless potential. We are building your child’s confidence and character through authentic dance education. We believe that with a YES I CAN attitude, a child’s positive and self-affirming thoughts can create inspired action in their lives. We take the spark of creativity and ignite the flame of artistry in every one of our students. We strengthen their confidence in themselves and in their belief that anything is possible for them.

Through our pillars of A.C.T.I.O.N. – Artistry, Creativity, Transformation, Inspiration, Outreach, and Nurture, we will be instrumental in changing the dance landscape and inspiring a new generation of dancers. Whether or not a child decides to dance for the rest of their lives, the powerful and transformational process work ethic, creativity, team building, and leadership skills that are involved in the fine art of dance creates positive social, emotional, and cognitive skills and behaviors that help create extremely powerful human beings and citizens of the world. Art is instrumental in a child’s development of imagination – and with imagination, they can create what they want, see it, and become it!

We believe in diversity and inclusion in the studio regardless of a dancer’s economic status, age, race, gender, sexual orientation or classification. We go to great lengths to ensure that Phoenix Rising Dance Studios is a safe place for ALL!

If you have any questions about the camp program, upcoming fall classes, or Dance Team participation please contact Will at (317) 537-2680.