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There has been some confusion about the process of obtaining our Team jackets. We want to make sure all team parents know how we go about ordering them and when you can expect them to be received.

Team Dancer Jackets

  • By contract, every team member is required to have a team jacket for all Phoenix Rising Dance Studios activities such as competitions, conventions, etc.
  • All team member measurements will be completed by Saturday afternoon.
  • Jackets are custom cut, sublimate dyed and sewn. This is why time is of the essence when it comes to ordering them so soon.
  • Jackets will be ordered two sizes larger than your child’s measurements. This is both to make sure they’ll fit over costumes, and to ensure that they are of use for more than one season.
  • Your dancer’s FIRST name will be embroidered above the logo on the left chest. If you want your child’s name to be different than what we have in our software, a nickname or shortened version of their name, for example – email Will at the address below IMMEDIATELY.
  • Dancer jackets may not be altered or embellished in any way. The exception is the addition of removeable dancer participation pins received at each competition.
  • Warm-up pants will be ordered at a later date, both to defray costs and because they’re stock items.
  • Jackets are $149.99. This will be added to all team accounts on October 9 and charged at Midnight Sunday, October 11 to ensure an acceptable delivery date. We’re expecting an eight-week turnaround.
  • Warm-up jackets can not be ordered until all payments are received.
  • Jackets will be ordered NO LATER than Tuesday, October 13.

Adult Team Jackets

  • Adult jackets are COMPLETELY at the discretion of parents. No parent is required to order a jacket.
  • If you choose to order a jacket, you should choose the size you would choose when buying a coat, unless you prefer a more loose-fitting garment.
  • Adult jackets are the same price as dancer jackets.
  • Adults may order embroidery over the left chest logo, as with dancer jackets, or below the logo on the back of the jacket. There is no additional cost as long as the embroidery stays under 25 characters. Additional embroidery cost is minimal.
  • If you want to order a jacket for yourself, please email Will at the address below before Midnight on Sunday with your size and desired embroidery.
  • Adult jackets MAY be ordered at a later date, but please take into consideration that the later in the year they’re ordered, the longer it will take to receive them.

If you have any questions or wish to order an adult jacket, do not hesitate to email