As we head into fall, September has Phoenix Rising buzzing with dance events that you and your family, both the young and the old can enjoy!

Recently, I attended the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ Start with Art luncheon as a guest of Ted Givens, Chair of the council’s board of directors. The fundraiser is The Arts council’s only fundraiser hosted annually and boasts the largest of its kind in the midwest, possibly nationally.

Attending this event reminded me how important my role and the role of our studio and company is in the lives of children and adults. Julie Goodman, President and CEO of The Art’s Council of Indianapolis, spoke about how the council’s mission this year is more inclusivity and diversity in the arts. This is what I gathered from her speech. Artists and keynote speaker Manon Voice and Xavier Ramey, respectively, spoke of the rich history of art and its colorful heritage. I was inspired and realized how powerful Phoenix Rising is and has been for bringing arts to the lives of of those who can afford it and those who cannot.

Our studios have been graced by arts groups such as Kenyetta Dance, ICNH(Insert Crew Name Here), Angel Burlesque, Midwest Fashion Week, Bob Direx, Footlite, Indianapolis Movement Arts, and many independent artists.

Indianapolis has a rich community of artist who need our support and can use our help or services we have to offer. This fall, we are committed to starting with art. The change we need to see or want in this nation has to be more than talked about or thrown donations towards, I agree with Xavier Ramey, wholeheartedly in this. We are supporting the Art’s Councils commitment to inclusivity and diversity, this is something we’ve done everyday.

Phoenix Rising is starting with Art this season. We are offering scholarships for dance classes to those in need and we hope that you’ll support us and our contributions to the Indianapolis arts community by attending at least one of our events in September. Check out all of our events by clicking the Events tab and support dance art. This fall…. START WITH ART!