Recreational Classes

The Phoenix Rising recreational dance program is fun and engaging and is valued for its social, educational and health benefits.

Recreational dance classes are an affordable and simple way for you and your children to explore dance and its benefits with low commitment. Dancers engaged in our recreational dance program take anywhere from 45 minutes to less than 4 hours of dance a week. Your child will have the option to perform with their classmates at the end of each semester in either our annual Holiday Showcase or Spring Showcase. 

Please view our class descriptions below and contact us if you have any questions.

Types of Classes

Pre Ballet
Pre-ballet is an introduction to dance using imagination, creative movements and very basic ballet steps and terminology. Through movement games and activities children will learn and practice spatial awareness, rhythm, balance, and coordination. 

The focused dancer will enjoy this class that starts with barre instruction and moves to center combinations. It creates strong, flexible and precise dancers, and those who take ballet classes generally do well in other dance styles because of its disciplined and structured approach to movement. This dance form is known for the beautiful lines, turns, leaps and jumps that the best dancers are able to accomplish with years of practice. We suggest that all recreational students who want to do well take at least one ballet class a week, and our competitive students take advantage of multiple classes.

You or your dancer will get fit, sweat and enjoy the live drums and chanting in this amazing and cardio burning dance/martial arts class! This class is great at building confidence and providing a positive focus for youngsters and adults to channel their time and energy. This Afro-Brazilian martial art involves kicks, dodges, and leg sweeps, with an emphasis on inverted positions like handstands and cartwheels. It’s historically rich technical elements became applied as a method of survival that was known to enslaved Africans in Brazil.

Contemporary dance  focuses on freedom of movement. In this class, we’ll joyfully  connect our minds to the body through fluidity of movement. We’ll use our bodies to explore our emotions and use our natural energy to connect to personal expression through the fundamentals of modern/contemporary; spiraling the back, shifting our weight through space, and contracting and releasing our energy through breath and body.

Creative Movement
This fun and imaginative class explores dance through the lens of a child. We focus on locomotor, non-locomotor movements, posture, balance, flexibility and musicalility in these classes. This class is for the young dancer who has never had dance class before and wishes to experience what it will be like to be a dancer and participate in our end of term recital. This class is creative and nurturing and is structured with a set class routine so that dancers become familiar with not only their teacher and surroundings, but feel accomplished in each and every class!

Hip Hop
This style is one of the most well-known styles of dance. In these classes, we’ll focus on the grounded movements originating from African American, Latin American, and Caribbean Americans in the Bronx in New York. We’ll allow the complex hard hitting sounds take us on a journey through beat and rhythm. This fusion dance style combines many styles of dance from the hip hop culture movement in the 1970s and has history that traces all the way back to the dawn of man in Africa! See individual Hip Hop Class listings for exactly what will take place in each class level.

Open/Adult Hip Hop
This fun, judgement-free intermediate/advanced hip hop class for teens & adults consists of a cardio and strength building warm-up and across the floor exercises to build musicality and skills. There will be new hip hop combinations weekly or bi-weekly to keep our bodies and brains in shape!

Dancers will have fun and feel sassy, joyful, and empowered in this class that focuses on isolating the different parts of our bodies to upbeat and exciting music! Jazz originated from popular African American dances and street styles from the mid-twentieth century and continues to evolve and gain popularity today because of iconic artists like Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul, who embraced commercial jazz. Shows like So You Think You Can Dance continued to make contemporary jazz more popular.

Musical Theatre 1
A fun and engaging beginner musical theatre class for young dancers looking to explore body movement and character. This class teaches the fundamentals of how to tell a story through movement & facial expression. Class will incorporate our favorite tunes from Disney, Dreamworks and Broadway!

Musical Theatre 2/Tap
A combo class for dancers hoping to explore the fundamentals of both Musical Theatre and Tap styles of dance. Musical Theatre aids students’ creative expression and connection to emotion. Tap aids in articulation of movement, body isolations and rhythm. The blend of both styles offers students a chance to grow in all of these areas! Recital choreography will incorporate both disciplines.

Tot Hop
A fun and engaging preschool hip hop class for children interested in learning the fundamentals of hip hop choreography and dance. This class focuses on dancer’s rhythm, musicality and quality of movement. Our 3-5 year old Tot Hop class also explores basic locomotor and non- locomotor movements by manipulating the various elements of dance and how our body and energy travel through space and tempo in music/rhythm.

Intro to Tumbling
Intro to Tumbling is a preparatory class designed to teach beginner tumblers the body shapes and foundation to tumbling. We will be focusing on coordination, flexibility, strength, spatial, and body awareness to help reinforce correct technique. The skills being taught in this class include the following: bridges, backbends, forward/backward rolls, head/handstands, cartwheels, round offs and kick overs!

Your dancer will become strong, agile and extremely connected to their body in this fun and exciting class for that child who loves to roll around, jump and climb! Tumbling is the execution of acrobatic movements such as rolls, twists, handsprings, or somersaults on floor mats or on the ground. Unlike most other disciplines in gymnastics, tumbling does not involve the use of apparatuses, props and equipment. It can also be referred to as floor gymnastics, common moves performed in tumbling include flips, somersaults, tucks, handstands and handsprings. This class is a wonderful addition to any dance class and will give your little one an extra edge when it’s time for their end of the semester performance!