A Personal Note from the Executive Director – I want to update the public and our Phoenix Family about some changes to our COVID policy effective immediately. We at Phoenix Rising Dance Studios take the COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS extremely seriously. Now that there’s a group of variants that seem to be especially successful at infecting children, we have to take immediate action. When dancers return to the studio on August 16 for Performance Team Boot Camp, and then the rest of the dancers join on August 30, we will be returning to our original universal precautions, which will be itemized below.

I personally experienced COVID for 3 weeks in the very early stages of the outbreak, and I can say this is something you don’t want to deal with. This is NOT a flu, or a bad cold. I was sicker than I’ve ever been in my life, and even though I’ve been vaccinated since being sick, I intend to take every precaution available to me to make sure that I don’t get it again, that Justin NEVER gets it, and that our staff and ALL of our dancers and their families are kept as safe as possible.

Look, I know it’s frustrating, and that the longer this goes on, the more frustrating it gets. Until we can all come together and take precautions for the good of everyone, and vaccinations become available for the kids, I feel like we won’t be out of danger. Therefore, unless there’s some staggering change in infection rates in the next ten days, the following conditions will be followed at the studio.

Please understand that the decision to reinstate our precautions is not political or being done on a whim. We believe at this point, it is our responsibility to protect all those we care about as best we can. We look forward to seeing everyone back in the studio, and hope that together we can celebrate the point that we can retire these precautions for good!

Thank YOU for being part of the Phoenix Family!

Will Sears-Watson, Executive Director

UPDATE: JULY 30, 2021

With the rapidly changing status of COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS infection rates and variants, we are closely monitoring CDC, as well as state, local and federal guidelines. At this time, we do not require masking by vaccinated adults, but don’t discourage the practice. We will ask all parents whether they prefer their children to be masked or unmasked, and will diligently abide by their preferences. We stand by our policy that unvaccinated adults either choose to remain masked while in the studio, or stay outside the studio while dropping off, or picking up their students.

We reserve the right to alter these policies at any time.