September Birthdays @ Phoenix Rising Dance Studio

Does your dancer have a birthday coming up?? Make sure you let Mr. Will or Mr. Justin know so we can shout it from the rooftops. The day that we cam e into this world is extremely special because there is NOBODY like us in the entire world! We all have something special to add that if we don’t then it will be lost forever and it can never be reimagined because it is us who were meant to carry out this special goal, aspiration or passion!

Every time you wake up, think of your dreams and watch you make your way to accomplishing them!!

Here at Phoenix Rising, we use dance to create that confidence and character needed to carry out you our your dancer’s life goals and dreams! We are so happy that you have chosen us, and we do not take this task lightly! This Birthday remind your little one that FEAR is the largest killer of dreams, but they have two choices…… 1. Face Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ Feliz Cumpleaños from your Phoenix Rising Dance Studio family. We love you/Te Amamos!!

  • Liliana Andrean 9/10
  • Emily Ciriaco 9/16
  • Kara Gonzalez 9/17
  • Mr. Justin Sears-Watson 9/20

If we’ve missed your SEPTEMBER birthday, make sure to email Mr. Justin at!

Happy Birthday to our September Birthdays, and may they be full of happiness and blessings!

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