We are thrilled to announce the first details about our 2021 YES I CAN! Summer Camp! Bookmark this website address to see updates as summer gets closer.

Phoenix Rising Dance Studios will offer two sessions of YES I CAN! Summer Camp in 2021. Each session will be a three week camp culminating in a Performance Showcase!

Dancers can choose to attend one session or both!


  • Session 1 will be held June 7 – 25th 2021 with Performance Showcase on June 26
  • Session 2 will be held July 12 -30, 2021 with Performance Showcase on July 31
  • Dancers 3-5* years of age will attend from 9am – 12pm Monday through Friday
  • Dancers 6** and up will attend from 9am – 4pm Monday Through Friday
  • Early drop off and late pick up available
  • *5 year old dancers with experience can elect to attend the full day session
  • **Beginning dancers 6 years old can elect to attend the half day session only


  • Half Day Program forDancers 3-6 years of age – $75.00 weekly
  • Full Day Program for Dancers 6 and up – $150.00 weekly
  • Payment plans are available
  • Dancers attending BOTH sessions of YES I CAN! camp will receive a substantial discount


  • Yoga Pretzels Dance – Dancers will have calm bodies, focused minds and balanced emotions after this amazing yoga class developed for children. Inspired by Yoga Pretzels flashcards.
  • Ballet in the Bayou – Dancers will playfully explore the many steps of ballet through beautiful images of animals dancing in this book straight out of NOLA. This class integrates literacy and dance. This class was created after @searswatson and @jus10dance took an inspiring trip to the culturally rich city of New Orleans.
  • Jammin’ Jabari – These social-emotional lessons infuse Hip Hop dance and literature and is inspired by the book Jabari Jumps. We’ll explore our emotions and face fear and having the courage to take a leap and make a big splash in this exciting and upbeat class that will give your toddler the courage to take their next big leap!


  • Contemporary/Improvisational Dance – Contemporary dance focuses on freedom of movement. In this class, we’ll be connecting our minds to the body through fluid movement. We’ll use our bodies to explore emotions and use natural energy to connect to personal expression through spiraling, shifting our weight through space, and contracting and releasing our energy through breath and body.
  • Jazz Dance – Jazz continues to evolve and gain popularity today because of artists like Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul, who embraced commercial jazz. Shows like So You Think You Can Dance made contemporary jazz more popular. Still, this style originated from African American vernacular dances and street styles and began as early as the mid-20th century. You’ll have fun and feel sassy, joyful and empowered in this class that will focus on isolating different parts of the body to upbeat and exciting music.
  • Hip Hop Dance – This fusion dance style combines many styles of dance. The name refers to hip hop music and comes from the hip hop culture movement of the 1970s. This style is one of if not the most well-known styles of dance. In this class, we’ll focus on the grounded movements originating from African-American, Latin American and Caribbean Americans in the Bronx in New York and let the complex hitting sounds take us on a journey through beats and rhythm.

Registration for YES I CAN! Summer Camp will open on March 15, and a $50 nonrefundable deposit will be required to secure your dancer’s place in camp. This deposit WILL come off the balance of your camp fees!

To register, call Will at the Studio (317) 646-7760, or go to and select the Session you want to take, paying special attention to the dates you want and the age of your child.

At this time, we are planning to limit registration to numbers that reflect current CDC guidelines for Covid-19 prevention, and all current precautions will remain in place. As we move forward, if the CDC, Marion County, or the State of Indiana changes restrictions, Phoenix Rising Dance Studios will adjust accordingly.