Spring Recital 2021

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start talking RECITAL!!!

Phoenix Rising Dance Studio’s biannual recitals aren’t just a cutesy way to end the winter and summer sessions – recitals are an ACCOMPLISHMENT!! Recital is a way for each and every dancer in the studio to show off what they’ve learned over the session to their parents, extended family, friends and classmates while experiencing the unequaled feeling of PERFORMING in front of a live audience. At Phoenix Rising, we believe that as children advance through class levels and disciplines, there is no better way to look back to see how much they’ve grown. These memories are priceless!

The Phoenix Theatre, 705 N. Illinois St, Indianapolis

This year’s Spring Recital will be held at the Phoenix Theatre’s NEW outdoor stage on Sunday, May 23 at 2:00PM and 4:30PM. Due to high ticket sales, we will be taking the unprecedented action of adding the SECOND PERFORMANCE!!!

(There WILL NOT be another recital fee for the second performance)

We have changed some of the ways that we create our recital this season, some due to the Coronavirus, some because the studio has grown so much in the last year. Here’s what you need to know to get ready for the upcoming performance!

  • We will not have a recital sign up sheet this year. Unless we hear from families that they will not be able to participate, we will assume that your dancer should be signed up for the performance. Team dancers are expected to participate.
  • Recital Opt-outs can be emailed to Will@phoenixdanceindy.com
  • Recital fees will be $75 per student. These fees will be assessed on Wednesday, April 21.
  • Dancers will wear their studio dress code for this recital. This is both to keep down costs for our families, and because shipping has become so unpredictable. We will return to recital costumes next season as the world returns to normal (so we hope).
  • Students on team will wear the costumes they have for the pieces they’ve performed at competition this season
  • Tickets for the 2021 Phoenix Rising Dance Studios Recital will be $20 for adults/ $12 for children under 13. Children under 2 will require a free ticket because they have to be counted against total capacity
  • Tickets will be available for sale on Monday, April 26. They can be purchased by emailing will@phoenixrisedance.com, or by calling 317-537-2680.

This website will be updated as we receive and reveal more information about the upcoming recital, such as expected weather, ticket sales count, and the possibility of adding another performance. You will receive a text with a link to this page every time we update its content.

As always, any further questions can be answered by emailing will@phoenixrisedance.com or calling the studio at (317) 537-2680.