Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Phoenix Rising Dance Studios Different?

Phoenix Rising Dance Studios is the highest rated dance studio in Indianapolis for several reasons, and all you have to do to see what makes us stand out is read our reviews. Parents and dancers alike talk about the amazing diversity of the student body and the staff, the warm feeling that they get when they’re in the studio, and the quality of the instruction that we offer. We welcome and embrace all dancers, from toddler to adult, with no thought to their background, ethnicity, economic status, or any of the things that make us all so unique. We strive to keep tuition low and quality high. Come in and see for yourself why we “rise above the rest”!

What Do the Dancers Wear to Class?

In the interest of keeping it simple, we have a fairly straightforward dress code. For Creative Movement, Tiny Dancers, and all Ballet classes, dancers wear ballet pink leotards, white tights, and ballet pink ballet shoes. Boys will wear white t-shirts or tank tops, black tights or shorts, and black ballet shoes. For Jazz, Contemporary, Tumbling or Tap classes, students, male and female should wear all black. Sport bras, tights, shorts, tank tops and leotards are all acceptable. Jazz shoes should be black. Hip-Hop students should wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes or high tops that are only worn for dance class. Adult classes do not have a dress code as long as the instructors can see the lines of the dancers.

Where Should I Get Dance Clothes?

There are a number of ways to get suitable dancewear for classes. You can order from Amazon, but there’s no guarantee that the sizing will be correct. You can also order clothing through our vendor by talking to Will. He can correctly measure to ensure you get a good fit. For shoes, we strongly encourage you to get them at Kinney Dancewear. A good fit is extremely important for dance shoes, and the experts at Kinney will fit every pair of shoes personally. They also sell all of the dancewear you need.

How does your class Schedule Work?

At Phoenix Rising, we operate a little differently than most studios. Instead of sessions, we offer classes in semesters, with tuition due on the first of each month. We have two recitals, one in December, and one in May, so we ask families interested in participating in recital to commit to at least a semester. Semesters last from September-December, January-May and June-August. We take registrations year round, at any time. If you register in the middle of the month, the first month’s tuition will be prorated appropriately.

What About Adult Classes?

We offer more adult classes than any studio in Indianapolis and we understand that most adults are too busy to commit to a month-to-month schedule of dance classes, so those classes work a little differently. Adults can come take classes and pay per class, or buy a classCard. This punch card allows them to attend any 12 classes and never expires

What Types of Payments do you Accept?

For all tuition-based classes, we require families to pay through auto-pay using either a credit card or electronic check through your bank account. It makes life easier for everyone. You don’t have to remind yourselves to pay tuition, and I don’t have to send out reminder emails and make phone calls. Tuition is assessed to the account on the 28th of each month, and then charged on the 1st, unless the 1st is a Sunday, in which case, it will be charged the next day. Adult classes and retail purchases can be made with cash, check, or credit card.