COVID-19 Response

We take the presence of the Covid-19/Coronavirus very seriously, and as such, will be implementing precautions and policies to protect each and every person who enters the studio. These policies, for the time being, are set in stone, and will be observed by everyone physically present in the studio at any time. Anyone refusing to follow these policies will be asked to leave the studio

We understand that during this time, our policies may seem harsh. Understand we are trying to protect a lot of people here, most importantly, YOU AND YOUR CHILD. These policies should be considered written in stone until we change them, or until the Covid-19/Coronavirus has ceased to be plaguing this country. Anyone not adhering to these policies will be reminded of them – persons continuing to ignore these policies will be asked to leave until things return to “normal”.

We reserve the right to alter these policies at any time. All policies will be posted in the studio