Bring a friend to class week! Free Preview Week!

Dance Class builds friendships that can last a lifetime……
*This photo taken PRE-COVID19

Bring a friend to class week is an event that we hold two times annually to expose new dancers to the studio and to further spread the culture and inclusion of Phoenix Rising Dance Studios. The first of this season’s Bring a friend to dance class week will be held October 19 – 24, 2020. Registered dancers can bring ONE friend as a guest to each class in which they’re enrolled! Of course, 2020 being what it is, we have to add some precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy!

  • Only one guest per dancer per class
  • Face Masks will be worn at all times
  • Temperature monitoring and hand sanitizing will continue as usual
  • Social distancing will continue to be enforced
  • Overhead doors will be open, weather permitting

Dancer’s guests will be able to see the beginning of Holiday recital choreography, participate fully in class, and check out how Phoenix Rising Dance Studio continues to RISE ABOVE THE REST!! If you have any questions, or want to register a guest, please call Will at 317-537-2680.