September Birthdays @ Phoenix Rising Dance Studio

Does your dancer have a birthday coming up?? Make sure you let Mr. Will or Mr. Justin know so we can shout it from the rooftops. The day that we cam e into this world is extremely special because there is NOBODY like us in the entire world! We all have something special to add that if we don’t then it will be lost forever and it can never be reimagined because it is us who were meant to carry out this special goal, aspiration or passion!

Every time you wake up, think of your dreams and watch you make your way to accomplishing them!!

Here at Phoenix Rising, we use dance to create that confidence and character needed to carry out you our your dancer’s life goals and dreams! We are so happy that you have chosen us, and we do not take this task lightly! This Birthday remind your little one that FEAR is the largest killer of dreams, but they have two choices…… 1. Face Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ Feliz Cumpleaños from your Phoenix Rising Dance Studio family. We love you/Te Amamos!!

  • Liliana Andrean 9/10
  • Emily Ciriaco 9/16
  • Kara Gonzalez 9/17
  • Mr. Justin Sears-Watson 9/20

If we’ve missed your SEPTEMBER birthday, make sure to email Mr. Justin at!

Happy Birthday to our September Birthdays, and may they be full of happiness and blessings!

Adult Dancers and parents with mature teens…this one’s for you!

We hope you are having a great start to the school year or you’re still enjoying that last bit of summer fun!

This Blog Post is to let you know the classes we have available for adult and older teen students at present. We are trying to encourage the growth of our program at this age level as there are few places in Indianapolis where you can ‘drop in’. I believe these classes are going to work out considering you(Adult dancers) and/or your(Parents with teens) dancers are currently doing so much outside of the dance studio! I have spoken with so many about what classes you can take to grow or how a teen can become a Phoenix Rising Youth Company Team member or how a pre-professional can become a part of Phoenix Rising Dance Company, but at this age, we know that their are one million and one things we’d all love to do!!

We can offer you a way for you to do these things and dance!! Dance can aid in creating healthy and whole human beings, and although we do offer competitive and recreational dance here at Phoenix Rising, our mission is to build confidence and character through an authentic dance education and to allow the spark from creativity to ignite the flame of artistry. That is the heart of Phoenix Rising Dance Studios!

I have attached a video so that you can see a sampling of the level of our evening classes offer you or your dancer! This is an intermediate to advanced dance, and was just learned in one half hour period. This class, taught by yours truly, 😉 starts off with a rigorous warm up focused on strengthening and lengthening and concludes with a dance combination focused on movement quality, musicality and dynamics.

Monday Advanced Jazz 7:15-8:30pm

Tuesday Intermediate Jazz 7:15-8:30pm

Wednesday Adv. Ballet 7:00-8:30pm (for those who have had 4-5yrs of ballet training)

Wednesday Beginning Ballet 7:00-8:30pm (for those with who have had little to no ballet training)

Thursday Adv. Contemporary 7:15-8:30pm

Thursday Beginning Hip Hop 7:00-8:30pm

Friday Int./Adv. Hip Hop 6:30-8:30pm 

I am constantly trying to find the best way to help our dancers of all ages grow, but also allow you, the dancer, be in a place where you feel empowered, included, and encouraged to push beyond any limiting beliefs. We hope that you’ll come out and enjoy what we have to offer our adult and pre-professional dancers!!

“You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.” ―Brian Tracy

Artistic Director Justin David Sears-Watson

*Sparks Travel to Secaucus, New Jersey for World Dance Championship!

*Sparks (9-12yr) and Little Sparks (7-9yr), are two tiers of our Phoenix Rising Dance Youth Company.
Here are just a few of the many pictures we took on our recent trip to Secaucus, New Jersey and New York City!

Our talented Little Sparks and Sparks traveled to Secaucus, New Jersey from July 31st through August 3rd. These 6 dancers qualified for this prestigious honor by competing at a regional Nexstar competition in May 2019. At this regional competition they were awarded a Wild Card Golden Ticket to the competition for receiving 1st place champions in the Intermediate Petite Small Group Category. Artistic Director, Justin Sears-Watson also received an Excellence in Choreography Award for the dance piece performed called “Hope”. In Hope, the dancers are dancing about their hope for a more inclusive and peaceful world.

Jewel, Jada, Jenesis, Samiyah, Thai, and Araiah were able to take advantage of this opportunity with fundraising by their parents and donations and extra help from friends and family. Little Sparks and Sparks parents worked extremely hard researching costs and were able to raise funds for the dancers. They even received brand new warm ups donated by Samiyah Grady’s parents Robert and Jasmine Grady. The girls absolutely loved them and they’ll be seen this year at many competitions. Jenesis Clark’s mother Tierre Clark organized a Zumba fundraiser, and Araiah Jones mother Elyshia Jones was able to reach out to a famous comedian who donated a large sum, as well. As you can see, when we love, work together and leave out the hate, there is so much we can accomplish!

In Secaucus, the dancers, Jewel, Jada, Jenesis, Samiyah, Thai, and Araiah stayed at the Meadowlands Plaza Hotel with various parents and guardians. Co-owner and Executive Director Will Sears-Watson and Artistic Director Justin Sears-Watson accompanied the dancers on this trip as well. The dancers were able to visit Gibney Dance where they rehearsed and visit Time Square, Union Square, Central Park, and many other New York City landmarks. They competed Friday morning and although they did not make top five, they did receive an Excellence in Modern Technique Award! We are so proud of our dancers and are so excited to see where the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 dance season takes them. Congratulations Sparks and Little Sparks! We couldn’t be more proud of your beautiful dance journey to World Dance Championships!


Fall registration is now open! If you register before August 12th you will avoid tuition increases. Please email or call 317-820-5820 and ask for Will for more information.


AUGUST 10TH 11:45AM-2:00PM

If you’d like to be a part of our Phoenix Rising Dance Youth Company, Auditions will be held Saturday August 10th from 11:45-2:00pm

5-7yr olds 12-12:30pm

8-9yr olds and Embers 12:30-1:15pm

10-12yr olds and Little Sparks, Sparks 1:15-2:00pm

12yr-16yr olds Sparks and Rising Phoenix 2:00-3:00pm
Share the event and also see more details here!!

If you have questions about which time your child should attend, please email or call 317-820-5820 and ask to speak with Justin concerning auditions.




Artistic Director,

Justin David Sears-Watson


As we head into fall, September has Phoenix Rising buzzing with dance events that you and your family, both the young and the old can enjoy!

Recently, I attended the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ Start with Art luncheon as a guest of Ted Givens, Chair of the council’s board of directors. The fundraiser is The Arts council’s only fundraiser hosted annually and boasts the largest of its kind in the midwest, possibly nationally.

Attending this event reminded me how important my role and the role of our studio and company is in the lives of children and adults. Julie Goodman, President and CEO of The Art’s Council of Indianapolis, spoke about how the council’s mission this year is more inclusivity and diversity in the arts. This is what I gathered from her speech. Artists and keynote speaker Manon Voice and Xavier Ramey, respectively, spoke of the rich history of art and its colorful heritage. I was inspired and realized how powerful Phoenix Rising is and has been for bringing arts to the lives of of those who can afford it and those who cannot.

Our studios have been graced by arts groups such as Kenyetta Dance, ICNH(Insert Crew Name Here), Angel Burlesque, Midwest Fashion Week, Bob Direx, Footlite, Indianapolis Movement Arts, and many independent artists.

Indianapolis has a rich community of artist who need our support and can use our help or services we have to offer. This fall, we are committed to starting with art. The change we need to see or want in this nation has to be more than talked about or thrown donations towards, I agree with Xavier Ramey, wholeheartedly in this. We are supporting the Art’s Councils commitment to inclusivity and diversity, this is something we’ve done everyday.

Phoenix Rising is starting with Art this season. We are offering scholarships for dance classes to those in need and we hope that you’ll support us and our contributions to the Indianapolis arts community by attending at least one of our events in September. Check out all of our events by clicking the Events tab and support dance art. This fall…. START WITH ART!