2021 Spring Recital Tickets

2021 Spring Recital tickets are ON SALE!! Please call the studio at 317-537-2680, text Will at (317) 646-7760 (for ticket sales ONLY), or email will@phoenixrisedance to reserve your tickets. Your account will be charged and you can pick up your tickets any time when at the studio, or at the gate when you check in for recital!

You may also reserve your tickets at the studio by talking to Will. Make sure he writes it down!!

If there’s no answer at the studio, please leave your name, your child’s name, and the number of adult, child, and toddler tickets you need. You’ll receive an email confirmation when your tickets are reserved!

If you’re needing tickets and don’t have an account with Phoenix Rising Dance Studios, please call 317-537-2680 and quickly reserve your tickets with a credit card number!

Tickets for the 2021 Phoenix Rising Dance Studios Recital are $20 for adults/ $12 for children under 13. Children under 2 will require a free ticket because they have to be counted against total capacity.

In case you missed it, or to refresh your memory – all things recital can be found here http://phoenixdanceindy.com/recital-2021/ and as always, you can call or email the studio with any questions!

Don’t forget! It’s very important to order your tickets early! As we near capacity, we will make the decision whether or not to add a second performance. The sooner we can make that decision, the better!!