Fee and Payment Information

At Phoenix Rising Dance Studios, we try to make our fees and payment system as easy to understand and use as possible.  All fees are posted and charged through our easy to use autopay system.  Tuition charges are posted on the 28th of each month and then charged on the 1st.  This system makes it more convenient for parents not to have to worry about due dates, late fees, or late payment notices.

Tuition Charges – First Class

All 45 minute classes are $50 per month

All 60 Minute Classes are $70 per month

All 90 Minute Classes are $75 per month

Tuition Charges – Additional classes

All additional classes are charged at 50% tuition.  The longest classes will be registered first.

For example, when taking a 90 minute class and a 60 minute class, the 90 minute class will be billed at $75 and the 60 minute class will be billed at $35.

Two 90 minute classes will be billed at $75 for the first class and $37.50 for the second.

Two 90 minute classes and a 60 minute class will be billed at $75, $37.50, and $35.00


For the summer term, you can get unlimited access to ALL our classes for $150 per month!

Announcing The Pride of Phoenix Rising Program!

Phoenix Rising Dance Studios was founded with the idea that all children interested should be able get a professional dance education, regardless of their economic or social situations. Therefore, we are announcing the Pride of Phoenix Rising Program, a scholarship program in conjunction with Phoenix Rising Dance Company. Through this program, we will provide two weekly classes at no charge for children who’s families wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford studio tuition. One class will be for dancers from 6-9 years of age, and the second will be for 10-13 year old dancers. These classes will be held on Saturdays throughout the summer, and each class will be limited to 12 students. Interested participants will go through a brief interview process, and will be expected to show proof of need to determine eligibility. Acceptance to the program will be based on hardship, dedication, and willingness to commit to completing the program. At the end of the program, one student from each class will be selected to join Phoenix Rising Dance Studio’s Performance Team on a tuition-free basis. For specific class times please visit our website at www.phoenixdanceindy.com. Please contact Will at 317-820-5820 for more information and to find out how to begin the application process.