Yoga Comes to Phoenix Rising

At long last, Phoenix Rising is thrilled to announce our new Yoga Program, presented by Charlie Redd.

Class Offerings

Tuesday and Wednesday 12:30pm – 1:30pm  SoulFlow Yoga

This class was created for those times when you want to get moving, breathe, and have a relaxing moment to yourself.  The poses and breath flow together to the sounds of curated playlists that range from jazz, neosoul, world music, to R&B.  This practice will help you take on the rest of your day with more focus and awareness.  All levels, abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome.  If you’ve been wanting to begin a yoga practice to reap all the health benefits that yoga has to offer, this is an awesome place to start!

Tuesdays 7:oopm – 8:15pm    PowerFlow Yoga

This class is designed to inspire your mind, ignite your soul, and make your body sweat!  A reflection of Charlie’s personal style of practice, we will work through warming flows and challenging poses letting the music of hip-hip, R&B, afro beats and rhythms guide the practice.  Breathing and meditation exercised will also be incorporated.  All levels are welcome but the class is best suited to able-bodied beginners and people more experienced with the Vinyasa yoga style.  If you are looking for a class to challenge you and make you work for your savasana, this is it!!


Charlie Redd completed her Yoga Instructor Training at Yoga District in Washington, D.C.  Her time as an Americorps Public ally and her identity drives her passion for creating healthy, affirming, and inclusive space for all people.  Charlie teaches thoughtful classes that seek to balance self challenge with self care.  When not teaching yoga, she enjoys randomly dancing, reading and supporting the local arts scene in Indianapolis.