Our Responsibility at Phoenix Rising Dance

We believe at Phoenix Rising Dance…..


……that students should equate their identity with who they truly are on the inside, and that their feelings, emotions, and social cognition are important to their growth as young individuals!

In the world, today, there much distraction and identification with what we have, look like, and how we are perceived by others on social media. It is imperative for teachers, and those who have the privilege to mentor, to guide responsibly.

Dance has the transformative power to allow us to truly experience being, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It allows us to connect with the essence of ourselves, and the essence of others in a way that is not warped by marketing, advertisements, and personal agendas.

In that respect, our students are able to build the confidence, and self character that will allow them to make responsible decisions in life. The spark of creativity and individuality within them is nurtured, and strengthened. Confidence leads to commitment and courage leads to conviction and vice versa. This allows them to become comfortable with themselves, and confident in the face of adversity so that when the time comes, they can be able to lead themselves and quite possibly others in a direction that remains true.

See what Artistic Director Justin Sears-Watson says about this and the role Phoenix Rising Dance and it’s faculty plays in your child’s life, and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Page to see Phoenix Rising Dance Studios and Phoenix Rising Dance Company performances, outreach and more!!

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